Determine and Deliver the Correct Cannabinoid Dose


Sublingual: under the tongue, 5 to 10 min : metabolic ratio 50%/50%

Oral: swallow 10 to 15 min : metabolic ratio = 80%/20%

Suppository: 1 to 5 minute : metabolic ratio = 20%/20%

Topical: apply externally Immediate (metabolic ratio =100%) at the affected spot and then on feet and hands.

Metabolic Ratio = effective split between the Neutral and it’s first metabolite 11-OH-THC and 7-OD-CBD


#1 Assess the level of trauma

Minor = Micro: 1 mg per 100 lbs of body weight

Moderate = Normal: 10 mg per 100 lbs of body weight

Severe = Macro: 100 mg per 100 lbs. of body weight

#2. Select the most effective pathway

#3. Prepare the pathway (gargle, wash)

#4. Apply CBDA to the pathway

#5. Wait 15 minutes

#6. Repeat


These techniques work equally well for CBMEs. Dee Dee Delkamp of Optimal Health Network explains the many benefits of using essential oil suppositories and demonstrates how to make them.