Pain Relief Tincture™(THCa)



INTERNAL • High THCa • High Anti-Inflammatory Value • Non-Psychoactive


Alta California Botanicals “Pain Relief Tincture” features cold-extracted Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCa. THCa is a “medicinal acidic cannabinoid”. The popular term for the medicinal acidic cannabinoids is “Raw” cannabis. The method of operation of the acidic cannabinoids is specified in the patent #US7807711.

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The acid state is the natural state of the cannabis plant. It is present in the stems, leaves, and flowers of young cannabis plants. It is not psychoactive unless it is heated (note for 1/3 of the population it can become psychoactive based on enzymes in the stomach). This tincture can be used to relieve pain due to inflammation. It has analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties, along with beneficial synergistic effects when used with other cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.

Action: Reduce Inflammation

Method (1): Regulate Enzymes COX-1 COX-2 TNF (a) Interleukin 10

Target Indications (2): Chronic Pain, IBS, Crohn’s, Arthritis, Trauma, Epilepsy

Interactions: Drugs commonly used with cannabis.

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Suggested protocol:  3 times a day, one hour before meals


Pain due to inflammation.

THCa reduces inflammation by regulating the enzymes that give rise in inflammation, COX-1, COX-2, Interluten 10 and TNF (a). Most anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen, only effect one of these enzymes and have a very negative effect on your stomach. Pain Relief (THCa) regulates all four without any negative impact on your stomach.

The patent #US7807711 for medicinal cannabinoids states:

“Surprisingly, it has now been found that a specific precursor of THC (i.e. THCA) has properties which are of interest to medical use, such as analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory properties”.

“Further, it has been found that a compound according to the invention is only lowly psychoactive or even non-psychoactive. Besides, it is expected that the risk for gastro-intestinal damage as a result of using a compound according to the invention is low, and in particular, less than for at least some commercially very successful drugs, e.g. aspirin.”

“In particular, a compound may be used in accordance with the invention for the treatment of a disease selected from the group consisting of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, arthrosis and other inflammatory diseases of bone and/or joint, encephalomyelitis (in particular autoimmune encephalomyelitis), AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, inflammatory skin diseases (dermatitis, Psoriasis) and alleviated symptoms associated with cancer, anorexia, AIDS, spasticity, glaucoma and chronic pain."



“It has been found that the medicinal acidic cannabinoids is only lowly psychoactive or even non-psychoactive. Patent #US7807711 for Medicinal Acidic Cannabinoids states."

“It has been found that medicinal acidic cannabinoid are only lowly psychoactive or even non-psychoactive”

One important exception.

One-third of our population turns THCa into THC in their internal digestion process.  Therefore, so some patients can have a “psychoactive experience."

Flower / Scent

Total plant natural aroma (no artificial sweetener), wrapped in High Grade Gluten Free Ethanol for maximum bioavailability. Alta California employs a High Tech / High Touch process for growing, extracting and packaging.